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Podwyższenia Krzyża Świętego

(2008-03-08) The Mpunde women celebrated too…

Our dear ladies from Mpunde celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time this year. As you would expect, they dressed up pretty and handed out smiles to our men. But everything began with a Mass, after which for more than an hour they marched through the village singing and carrying Happy Women’s Day sign. Tired and a bit dusty, they then rested under the tree shade and listened to speeches prepared for them by two very smart ladies from the city of Kabwe. There was also a modest supper and right before sundown they played some netball (a kind of basketball) accompanied by the joyous cheers and songs of their fans. more >>

(2008-03-06) We care about our Mission’s appearance

During rainy season, instead of plowing snow like you do in the winter, our Parishioners cut the abundantly growing grass to make sure that the church grounds look nice and tidy. They happily come to help every Thursday. It is, after all, their mission, and its appearance gives testimony about them, too. For us, it gives us great joy to see that our people care so much about the Lord’s house. more >>

(2008-02-06) Christ's return

On February 6, Ash Wednesday, after many years of absence, Christ’s image appeared again on the cross in Mpunde Church. For more information, please visit EVENTS more >>

(2008-02-01) New school building

On February 1st, 2008, we celebrated the grand opening of a new school building - built with two classrooms and a teacher's room. For more information, please visit EVENTS more >>

(2008-01-06) Young Missonaries

For two days our mission in Mpunde survived an invasion of children from nearby chapels. This was all in celebration of the Feast of Three Kings. Children from 5 chapels close by arrived at the mission on Friday, in order to prepare the celebration of their day according to the program. Despite the rain – often frequent and abundant – we were able to happily and productively live out these two days. Today we had a beautiful liturgy lead by the children. Those were our young missionaries who, by their example, would like to encourage others to follow Christ. more >>